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Birdcam Update

May 25th, 2011 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

Sad news about our chicks… Over the last five days all our chicks have died one by one.
Who knows the reason for sure, maybe one of the parents died, maybe the birds didn’t time laying their eggs to match the caterpillar season right or something else but that’s nature and we have a had a great couple of years before this year. Let hope birdcam 2012 will be more successful

Dad taking his turn feeding his chicks

May 15th, 2011 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

In this video mum is sitting on the nest with the chicks underneath her when dad comes in with some delicious looking caterpillars! Mum makes way for dad to feed some of the chicks before flying back out for more food.


At the moment it is a constant feeding frenzy in the bird box with both parents flying in and out to bring back caterpillars for their chicks.

When they first hatched we counted 8 beaks (out of 9 eggs) but with so many growing bodies and beaks it’s now difficult to tell how many we have!


The chicks are now 6 days old and as you can see they have grown an enormous amount in those 6 days since they were born!


Sorry for the lack of updates but due to technical issues with our e-mail we are having huge problems getting the videos of our chicks


We have chicks!

May 10th, 2011 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

In this video you will see Mr tit bringing in food for Mrs Tit. Mrs Tit attempts to feed it to her chicks but they are so newly hatched that it’s all a bit too much!

You will then see Mrs tit is giving her other chicks a helping hand out of their eggs. Look closely and you will see her tapping the eggs and eating the eggshells that her chicks are hatching out from.

If you look carefully you will also catch glimpse’s of her newly born chicks.