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We have blue tits back in 2017!

May 8th, 2017 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

After our change of bird box we haven’t for the past few years had birds nest in it.

We’ve crossed our fingers each year but this year I decided to fit a blue tit plate from eBay. The plate toughens the entrance and is the right size to only allow blue tits in.

I’m really pleased to say that this seems to have paid off and this year we have a nest and 4 chicks in it! We’re just working on bringing the live stream back online and we can then share the video with you all once again.

Please feel free to comment about your boxes and what you have this year.

2014 – A new box and new camera

February 2nd, 2014 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

Where have we been?!

In November 2011 my wife gave birth to our first child. Needless to say this little bundle of joy kept us incredibly busy so when it came to fire up the camera for 2012 we found the camera had died so didn’t have the time to get a new camera up and running.

For 2013 we ordered a new camera from eBay but despite it looking identical to our previous camera the focal length on the camera lens was too long making it useless. As birds had already started to use the box we just left the birds to it.

For 2014 we’ve decided to buy a new box and camera combo. photo(1)

The old box has been taken down and the new box has gone up in its place. We are just awaiting for a connector to allow the camera to be connected up to our dedicated server.

The new box is much taller than the original box and features 2 opaque windows. This should mean for the first time since 2008 we should be able to capture colour video and pictures.

Our main concern now is whether the birds will take to the new box. We just have to wait and see now but we’ll be sure to update you all!

Birdcam Update

May 25th, 2011 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

Sad news about our chicks… Over the last five days all our chicks have died one by one.
Who knows the reason for sure, maybe one of the parents died, maybe the birds didn’t time laying their eggs to match the caterpillar season right or something else but that’s nature and we have a had a great couple of years before this year. Let hope birdcam 2012 will be more successful

Dad taking his turn feeding his chicks

May 15th, 2011 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

In this video mum is sitting on the nest with the chicks underneath her when dad comes in with some delicious looking caterpillars! Mum makes way for dad to feed some of the chicks before flying back out for more food.


At the moment it is a constant feeding frenzy in the bird box with both parents flying in and out to bring back caterpillars for their chicks.

When they first hatched we counted 8 beaks (out of 9 eggs) but with so many growing bodies and beaks it’s now difficult to tell how many we have!


The chicks are now 6 days old and as you can see they have grown an enormous amount in those 6 days since they were born!


Sorry for the lack of updates but due to technical issues with our e-mail we are having huge problems getting the videos of our chicks


We have chicks!

May 10th, 2011 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

In this video you will see Mr tit bringing in food for Mrs Tit. Mrs Tit attempts to feed it to her chicks but they are so newly hatched that it’s all a bit too much!

You will then see Mrs tit is giving her other chicks a helping hand out of their eggs. Look closely and you will see her tapping the eggs and eating the eggshells that her chicks are hatching out from.

If you look carefully you will also catch glimpse’s of her newly born chicks.

We have 9 eggs now – great view of all the eggs in the nest

April 28th, 2011 -- Posted in News | 1 Comment »

See Mrs Blue tit all snuggled up in her feathery nest before getting up, having a stretch and going for a quick fly break outside.
As she gets up you will see her 9 eggs in all their glory.!

Mrs tit is spending more and more time in our nest box now and Mr Tit has started to feed her whilst she sits on the eggs.

4 Eggs in the Nest!

April 23rd, 2011 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

We now have 4 eggs! After the boiling hot day we’ve had Mrs Tit left her eggs uncovered today. We know from previous years that once blue tits start to lay their eggs they will lay 1 egg per day. This year Mrs Tit has been keeping all her eggs totally covered up which has made getting a video quite difficult.

Maybe she has left them uncovered to give us an easter egg treat! :o)

We have our first egg of 2011!

April 20th, 2011 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

Mrs Blue tit has provided us with the first egg of the 2011 season!
But you have to be quick because she is very good at hiding it!

This is the first video from this morning, taken at 6.25am as she left the nest from her overnight stay and you can clearly see the egg but she’s had it covered for the rest of the day

We are getting on average an email every 2 minutes and have over 5,000 emails in our birdcam folder!!

Mrs Tit has almost finished building her nest!

April 5th, 2011 -- Posted in News | No Comments »

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates at my end. I’ve been so busy at work that updates for have been put on the back burner.

Anyway here is an update today and in the video below you can see Mrs Blue Tit bring in nesting material and then flapping it down to compact it.

Bird-Cam Update – Things are starting to happen!

March 13th, 2011 -- Posted in News | 6 Comments »

Bird cam 2011 is looking good! We are getting regular visits to our bird box and those visits are getting more frequent and longer. The female blue tit is now displaying nesting behaviour inside our bird box. (see our video below).

Mrs Tit is visiting many times each day and fluttering her wings inside the nest box which is what she does to flatten down the nesting material that she will bring in to make her nest. All signs are positive and after looking up what has happened in previous years to our bird box, we would expect that the nest building will begin anytime in the next couple of weeks. The actual start date will depend on the green moth caterpillar season, which is what the blue tits align their egg laying to, as they rely on them to feed their chick. Fingers crossed!

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