2014 – A new box and new camera

Where have we been?!

In November 2011 my wife gave birth to our first child. Needless to say this little bundle of joy kept us incredibly busy so when it came to fire up the camera for 2012 we found the camera had died so didn’t have the time to get a new camera up and running.

For 2013 we ordered a new camera from eBay but despite it looking identical to our previous camera the focal length on the camera lens was too long making it useless. As birds had already started to use the box we just left the birds to it.

For 2014 we’ve decided to buy a new box and camera combo. photo(1)

The old box has been taken down and the new box has gone up in its place. We are just awaiting for a connector to allow the camera to be connected up to our dedicated server.

The new box is much taller than the original box and features 2 opaque windows. This should mean for the first time since 2008 we should be able to capture colour video and pictures.

Our main concern now is whether the birds will take to the new box. We just have to wait and see now but we’ll be sure to update you all!

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February 02 2014 04:18 pm | News

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