Almost half a dozen!

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As the blue tit continues to lay an egg a day on day 5 we are now up to 5 eggs. Here you can see the blue tit bedding the eggs down into the nest and then sitting on them, after the usual feather flapping!

First egg has landed!

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About 5am this morning our first egg was laid!

Last years first post about eggs was on the 25th April so it’s fairly consistent!


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Well after a very upsetting 2008 when all of the chicks died I am pleased to report that in 2009 all of the chicks have fledged.

We spent this afternoon watching as each chick fledged and left the nest. Each of the chicks would come to the mouth of the bird box and where calling their parents. The lack of response back seemed to be the push that the chicks needed to fledge the nest. The first few chicks took about an hour each but as the numbers dropped then they became quicker and quicker.

I managed to setup my video camera just in time to capture the last chick leaving the nest. So long blue tits, we hope you live long and prosper. – 2009

It’s bed time!

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As any mother would tell you putting the kids to bed can be a real challenge. Once you’ve put them down to sleep they get up and creep around, chicks are no different it would seem.

And 1 more makes 5!

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After the 5th chicks is born the video below shows the mother disposing of the now empty shell. She is very good with her feet and peak to polish off the shell!

To satisfy the hungry hordes both parents team up to do the round the clock feeding

4 Eggs and Counting!

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As of this morning we have 4 eggs that we can see. There may be other eggs in the nest but Mrs Tit does a good job of covering them over!