Well that’s nature…It’s the survival of the fittest

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Over the last week we have lost some of our blue tit chicks!

Of course we will never really know why but this year there has been a bit of a divide between chicks, those that seemed to thrive and get bigger and more weaker chicks that have now died. Maybe there aren’t enough caterpillars about to feed a whole family of chicks.
The recent unusually hot weather didn’t help either as our garden is south facing and gets very hot! The chicks seemed to be struggling in the heat so one day my wife constructed a parasol to keep them in the shade, the parents thankfully seem totally unfazed by this structure and are happily still feeding the 3 remaining chicks

It’s bed time!

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As any mother would tell you putting the kids to bed can be a real challenge. Once you’ve put them down to sleep they get up and creep around, chicks are no different it would seem.


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Chicks are all doing very well.

On this first clip you can see all 7 beaks screaming out for food!

This second clip shows how well the birds are developing.

7 Eggs and Feeding!

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Mr Blue Tit brings Mrs Blue Tit her early morning breakfast. Unfortunately it’s slightly too large to manage in the nest so she pops outside to eat it.

Looks like 7 eggs is our total for 2009 as it’s remained at 7 for a about a week now

Couple of videos from today.

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Firstly: Here’s a video showing a lovely round nest and 6 eggs setup like snooker balls!

Secondly: Mr Blue Tit brings Mrs Blue Tit her dinner!

Nest Building Is Progressing!

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After the slow start that we saw last year things seem to have picked up in the nest building stakes! The blue tits seem to work as a team with one passing the nesting material to the other. The wing flapping action compresses the nesting down so that once the nest is complete it will be nice and tightly packed thus providing insulation and a soft cushion.

22nd November Visitor!

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